Romantic picnic food ideas

Romantic picnic food ideas should make any picnic a treat. What to bring in your basket?

Start with some fruits. As you know, fruits should be eaten before main course. If you have time to prepare good for the picnic, get a bowl shaped like a heart and make a fruit salad.

romantic picnic food ideasBring some whipped cream with you and you are all set. Don't put the cream on top before you leave, because it will all get mixed and look terrible by the time you get to the spot.

Main course can be sandwiches. They are the easiest to make. They don't need special conditions. If you are careful what you put in, they won't go bad even on a hot day.

Top romantic tip on these sandwiches is to get a heart shaped cutter and make them all look like little hearts. The cutters are usually about $5 to $15. Just make a bunch of these finger sandwiches and you are good to go.

My sandwich making tip

This is my favorite sandwich that can be easily cut in shapes since the layers are thin:

  • take some very thin kind of bread (like Lebanese)
  • thin slices of ham
  • thin slices of cheese
  • slices of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce

Put them all one on top of the other, with more than one slice of bread. Cut them into a shape and put a toothpick through the little sandwich so all of it stays together.
This way you will be able to line them up in a plastic container you will use to transport the food and they won't loose shape. Using a toothpick to pick them up will make eating easier.

Don't forget some chocolates for dessert. Chocolate chip cookies are a nice choice because they can't melt as chocolate does and most of us love them.

What to drink?

If you are celebrating something a bottle of wine or a champagne is always a good choice. But, as always when it comes to romantic ideas, bringing along your partner's favorite drink, even if it is water, is the best choice.

Find out what is your partner favorite food and bring that! They will love the attention and appreciate your effort to organize everything.

This is very important if your loved one is on a diet, a vegetarian or has some other food preferences.

Bad romantic picnic food ideas

Don't bring burgers and hot dogs. They can be messy, especially if you like to put a lot of ketchup and other stuff in them. And they are not so romantic, are they?

Never put any mayo in the food. It can go bad fast and you don't want your romantic picnic to go to waste because you get your stomach messed up.

Eggs are risky too, so try to avoid them. However, if you will have your picnic close by, it is not too hot or you will eat straight away, you can get away with it.

Of course, you can always take the portable fridge with you, but cold food is my pet peeve so this would never work out for me.

You got some romantic picnic food ideas so I guess you are ready to try them out. Good luck and have a great time!

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