Best romantic birthday ideas

Romantic birthday ideas are one of the most wanted ones when it comes to showing your love. I was thinking if they are more wanted by men or women but could not decide.

I mean, men sometimes lack ideas but when they have one it is usually amazing.

I think I need to put the number one tip for men here: do not forget her birthday. No romantic idea will save you after you forget her birthday.

romantic birthday ideas

Before you start organizing a romantic birthday for your loved one, do some research. You need to find out how important the birthday is for a person.

Some people adore their birthdays. I am one of them. I love my birthday, love celebrating it and birthday presents are one of my favorite presents. But I also know people that would love if they could just skip that day. Those usually don't like romantic surprises.

The best romantic birthday ideas will also depend on the sex and age of the person. Than you can count in religion in some cases. Sometimes weather will dictate the best idea. And of course, your relationship with the person.

Who says romantic birthday ideas are only there for couples? If you have a sister that is a very romantic girl, wouldn't you want to prepare a romantic birthday party for her? That is one of the great ideas that would be easy to organize.

I will add many tips where I will discuss best ideas when it comes to man or women, young or old, summer or winter.

So what are top romantic birthday ideas?

romantic rosesLet's assume that we have a couple and one of the two wants an interesting birthday idea.

Guys, pretending you forgot is not so cool. It actually causes stress for the birthday girl. She expects you to remember important dates and if this is not one of those then I don't know what is. So wish her all the best first thing in the morning.

Here is a list of great romantic birthday ideas. Most of them are both for men and women:

  • One “early-bird” tip is that you can get up earlier, make her a nice breakfast and bring it to bed. Don't forget the present. And while at it, I am sure you will remember to bring her a nice flower.
    All this will not be too difficult to do and it will not take away too much of your time. But it will mean the world to her.
    Same goes for girls, make him a breakfast and bring it bed. We all love to be pampered.

  • heart cakeMake a nice lunch bag for your loved one, if they work. Make his favorite sandwich and put a little note to remind him how much you love him. Don't forget to make a hint of what you plan for the evening.

  • Make a lovely heart shaped cake. If you can't cook even better, try to do it and if you fail tell her about the trouble you went through while you cut the cake you bought in supermarket.
    A cake for guys – maybe this doesn't sound romantic to you but I am sure they would prefer a football shaped cake over the heart one.

  • If you eat out a lot, this is the perfect time for a quiet home made dinner. If you eat at home all the time, then it is the time to change that habit and take your loved one out for dinner.
    If your wife (the birthday girl) cooks every day, this is the best tip for married people. Give her an opportunity to dress up and have a night off from cooking.

  • Have a picnic. Tie some nice balloons to the picnic basket or get other romantic picnic ideas.

  • Take her to a place she wanted to visit long time ago. You hate museums but she loves them? I bet you will survive a day at the museum.

  • A stuffed teddy bear is a must for a really romantic girl celebrating her birthday. Get a custom one made just for her. Here is an extra tip -- some women love stuffed animals but not only teddy bears, maybe you can find that stuffed elephant she mentioned once.

  • Take a short trip. Get in the car after the breakfast and if you have no plan go to the nearest city to see something you think she would like.

More romantic ideas for birthday are coming up so make sure you come back to visit.

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